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The Best Vampire and Ghost Tours in the French Quarter
Kindness and Gentleness

October 16th, 2013

I realize that saying our tours are “the best” is a pretty lofty claim, but I’ve taken quite a few of the local tours and nobody comes close to the number of stories, locations, or the way they are delivered by Audio Ambler

O-GO, The Beaver
 tours. Plus, whether you purchase the stand-alone credit card size Mp3 player that comes pre-loaded with the tour, or download the Mp3 audio files directly to your smartphone (Android and ios apps coming soon!), the experience is at your convenience. If the weather is bad (raining or too hot) or if you want to stop for dinner or a drink, you can.

The French Quarter Vampire Tour: The second release from Audio Ambler utilizes our ghost tour’s player to deliver an amazing tromp through the vampire history of New Orleans. The Vampire Tour consists of 11 chapters / locations around the French Quarter. Like the Ghost Tour, it utilizes music and sound fx. It is narrated by a vampire who has lived in the city since the 1730s. VampSticker_OURS01

80 Graded Studies for Saxophone, Book Two: (Alto/Tenor)
Think that’s crazy, when you hear her knowledge of the city and its connection to vampires you will be amazed. The many mysterious and macabre killings that are attributed to vampires will shock even the most ardent skeptic. And you will find out about the current state of vampirism in the Crescent City… yes, we have quite the vampire culture “living” in our town.  Like the Ghost Tour, the Vampire Tour also has a lot of memory space available on the player, for those thrilling night time photos you capture. The player is also available in Dual form so two people can listen at the same time.

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If Vampire are not your thing, then we have our original tour.

The French Quarter Ghost Tour: Our first release was a labor of love. It contains 15 chapters / locations, with over 20 stories. In addition to the music and sound fx, the stories are narrated by 4 different actors, who you’ll swear are standing there with you as you take the tour.  GhostBanner01

Prayer Book for Young Catholics
This heavily researched tour provides some tales you won’t hear from anyone else. It will be an experience you won’t forget. Plus, there is enough memory space left on the player, that you can transfer some of your photos to it for safe keeping… makes this amazing tour an even better souvenir.  The Player is also available in Dual format so two people can listen at the same time.

To buy the player: PURCHASE PLAYER

To purchase the Mp3 download: DOWNLOAD

The Collected Biblical Writings of T.C. Skeat

Judgment of the Wolves